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“I had dabbled in yoga for some years but it had never compelled me to pay attention and keep returning to classes until a friend badgered me to the point of distraction and I went along to try Jac’s class.

Within 2 classes, I had totally “got” what I was not getting from any other teacher.”

Alexis , Bishops Stortford - 8yrs+




“ Jac is an amazing teacher. She brings to her teaching a huge range of skills: from precision in demonstrating the physical poses to her innate spirituality”

Carolyn D, Bishops Stortford


A bit about Jac…

I first attended a yoga class in 2000, having heard that Madonna was a fan of Ashtanga Yoga - it sounded cool and I was interested in how it might help me to get fit after having had a baby.

I had no clue what it would entail and was far from flexible!

Despite finding it very challenging, I kept attending and was swiftly blown away by how powerfully and effectively the yoga poses (asana) worked on my body, completely healing back stiffness and neck pain which I had long suffered from as a side effect of many hours a day at a desk in my job as a lawyer.  

Everything toned up and became stronger, much leaner and my stamina increased enormously. Remarkably - my lifelong asthma symptoms all but disappeared too as I began to master the breathing techniques.

The yoga postures, breathing and meditation practices enhanced my energy levels and hugely increased my positivity and resilience mentally and physically - I found I was much less stressed and noticed that I had begun to  look at life through a different lens - one where the endless ‘mental chatter’ of the thoughts did not cloud the deeper wisdom which was starting to reveal itself beneath.   

I discovered that far from being just yoga poses, yoga was a vast and limitless resource of wisdom, healing practices and ancient teachings for life - all of which are hugely relevant to our modern daily struggles.  

Yoga became my way of life.

I have been teaching yoga since 2006, initially juggling my teaching with my full time career as a solicitor.

It is my absolute joy to be able to share this knowledge and the alchemy of yoga with you.

I have been  deeply fortunate to have been guided by some of the wisest and most inspirational teachers on the planet to light my own yoga journey.  (See a gallery of my teachers) and am blessed to have been granted certification to teach the Jivamukti Yoga method, by the living yoga masters, David Life and Sharon Gannon. I am grateful to have this ocean of wisdom and support behind me.  

I hold the following yoga qualifications and certifications:

2006 - Yoga Siromani (teacher) - Sivananda Yoga Vedanta School, India

2009 - Diploma in the art of teaching Vinyasa (Krama) Flow Yoga, including Mama Flow ®  (pregnancy Yoga) London with Claire Missingham

2014 - Advanced Diploma in teaching Yoga - British Wheel of Yoga, including Advanced Biomechanics, Restorative Yoga, Yoga Sports Science and Yogic Philosophy

2016 - Certified to teach the Jivamukti Yoga method, Maharastra, India

With any yoga teacher, of course, it is not how many qualifications we hold that count- but our experience and wisdom - and how authentically, consistently and humbly we practise in our everyday lives what we seek to share with others.

With love


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