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You will stretch in a safe, yet deep, way, toning all muscle groups, including deep muscle tissues.

You will develop a better understanding of how to “carry yourself”, giving you better skeletal postural alignment, helping to ‘undo’ damage of bad posture

Your breathing awareness and capacity increases, leading you to enjoy a more nourishing and mindful relationship with your breath. This, in turn, will enable you to feel more relaxed.

Yoga benefits your glandular / endocrine system on a deep level as the specific physical postures (asana) bring tone to areas of your body which house the glands.  My yoga classes all contain posture groups arranged so as to specifically bring benefit to all areas of the glandular system.

You will benefit from delivering a fresh supply of oxygen to the soft tissues and organs of your body as the postures and your breath combine.

Yoga poses have the effect of toning your spine and within it, the spinal cord, which houses your central nervous system, helping you strengthen and keep it in healthy condition

Your yoga practice will also benefit the complex peripheral nervous system which serves all parts of your body as well as the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems responsible for ‘fight / flight’ response and its opposite state of profound calm and rest.  

Specialist yoga practices can cleanse away toxins from your body, leaving you feeling more alert, lighter in your body and more ‘alive’ as your energy levels increase.

Emotionally & Mentally

The word ‘yoga’ is a Sanskrit word meaning ‘unity’, ‘union’ or ‘to unite’.

The physical and breath practises combine to help you ‘unite’ all the scattered parts of your being, enabling you to feel more whole, more connected and to be a more collected and calm version of yourself with reduced stress levels!

The emotions are very directly connected with the body and breath.  Your ‘mind’ is often jumping around all over the place, like a monkey, with many thoughts. Yoga helps you to quieten the ‘monkey mind’, yet still be alert and function optimally.  The effects of yoga are personal to each individual.

Yoga practises can be very powerful and should only be learned under the guidance of a fully qualified and appropriately experienced yoga teacher.

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“Jac’s classes always feel good. I love them!”

Nic, Vinyasa Flow Yoga student

“Jac, many thanks again for the [taster] class last night. I had the best night's sleep in many months

thank you

I can't wait to join your beginners class!”  

Wendy, new to yoga 2013

“I have experienced several yoga teachers over the years and she (Jac) is head and shoulders above the rest. She's also a fabulous, kind and caring individual and I feel very lucky to have found her.”

Alexis, vinyasa flow yoga student 5+ years

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