Jacqueline Godfrey Yoga

0778 430 1499 or jac@wildfireyoga.co.uk

Jivamukti Yoga founders

David Life and Sharon Gannon

Thank you to all my teachers

My inspiring and very beloved teacher

Mark Stevens

of Yoga Studio Ely

from Jivamukti NYC

Jules Febre

Hip Hop Asana

My beautiful

and inspirational teacher

Andrea Kwiatkowski

 & my main mentor

Advanced Jivamukti teacher

Santosha Yoga , Cambridge

My very beloved first yoga teacher, artist, the very unique

Tom Newstead  

The wonderful

Swami Govindananda

 who originally taught me to teach the sacred discipline of yoga and gave me mantra initiation in India in 2006

The beautiful and talented world renowned

Claire Missingham

 under whose expert tutelage I spent a year studying the art of teaching Vinyasa Flow Yoga in 2009

“Lady” Ruth

Ruth Lauer-Manenti

World renowned author of

“An offering of Leaves”

my Jivamukti teacher from NYC with whom I trained in India