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Yoga Workshops 2017

Jac made me feel very welcome and made it easy for a complete novice like myself to start yoga and being a male student that was quite reassuring.

I started Yoga to help with neck problems but its has also helped me with stress which is a big plus!

Jac explains it all very well and demonstrates the positions very clearly.

A great teacher and I really am enjoying learning about yoga in her classes.

Richard, Saffron Walden

I come back to her classes time and again, including attending workshops and going on retreat, as quite simply I have not found anyone better.

Humour pervades all that she does. Classes are fun – they are difficult (!) challenging on so many levels.

Without exception, I always feel better afterwards and for some time afterwards too!

Carolyn, Bishops Stortford

Jac lives and breathes her yoga practice. She has enormous integrity and passion.


“I just wanted to say thank you for a really enjoyable day on Saturday [ Flow of Fire Workshop] . I thought it was a great balance between strong asana practice and great fun partner work, not to mention the gorgeous food. Love and light.”





This series of 3 yoga workshops continues our annual exploration

of deeper concepts of classical yoga.

This year, we are exploring ishta devata, the principle of personal divine energy. Our focus will be on Shiva and Krishna, respectively energies of transformation and love and compassion.

I am also offering the very popular Chakra Balancing practice,

which leads us to let go of old, stagnating habits and patterns

and release energy still being held onto from past events.

All workshops contain strong and challenging vinyasa sequencing

to open the body, and uplift mind and spirit.

In addition, we will explore Pranayama (breathing practices)

and Kriya (cleansing practices).  

Learn the deeper meanings behind these concepts and how focus upon how you can use the teachings as powerful tools in your personal practice.

Book any separately or all 3 together. Full details below.

Pre-booking required.

All at The Birchwood Development Centre,

Birchwood School, Bishops Stortford

Monday 31st July 7.15 pm - 9.15pm


‘Shiva’s Dance’ - This Jivamukti Yoga workshop focuses on the mantra, stories and transformational energies of Shiva, known as ‘Bhairava’ who destroys old patterns and makes way for new pathways through life. Spiralling vinyasa sequences to flush out inertia and invigorate,

fiery practices and pranayama.  

Monday 7th August 7.15pm - 9.15pm

‘Journey to the Heart Centre’ - The spiritual heart centre is a complex meeting of emotional, physical processes and is the seat of love and compassion. In this practice we will explore the upanishads and the Bhagavad Gita, and will ignite the energy of Krishna which is always playful. This lighthearted practice follows that lead, inviting you to let go of fears and negativity holding you captive and trust in your own innate wisdom. The sequencing invites you to backbend and explore heart -opening practices finding new freedom in body, mind and energy.


Monday 21st  August 7.15pm - 9.15pm

‘Chakra Balancing Workshop’ - This is a hugely powerful practice which brings into focus new perceptions of the world around us, as we open new pathways through the physical body, our view of reality changes. From start to finish the practice invites you into a moving meditation, infused with seed (Bija) mantra. This is a strong physical yoga practice taught in the Jivamukti method, which challenges you to release the old blockages which allow space for new, fruitful insights and inspiration

All 3 workshops booked & Paid for together - £16 each (£48)

One workshop - £20